It's Zoey's first collection...of books, that is! Collect the first four Sew Zoey books in this stylish boxed set that comes with a fashion-themed charm bracelet! Fashion's a snap compared to middle school: Just ask Zoey Webber! When Zoey's school gets rid of uniforms, it's the best news ever for a girl who loves clothes. Then Zoey's best friends, Kate and Priti, encourage her to sew her own clothes and start a fashion design blog! The Sew Zoey blog takes off, quickly putting Zoey on the A-list in the fashion world...but will things unravel at middle school? Whether she is teased or is a trendsetter, Zoey's friends always help her remember to take things one stitch at a time! This deluxe boxed set includes "Ready to Wear"; "On Pins and Needles"; "Lights, Camera, Fashion!"; "Stitches and Stones"; and a fashion-themed charm bracelet!