This charming giftbook is a must-have for all armchair and fairway golf enthusiasts. Packed with hints, rules, and fascinating insights, The Story of Golf in 50 Holes is required reading for golfers of any ability and background. Each of these pearls of wisdom is illustrated with a specially comissioned, color artwork, and the book is bound using specially textured paper throughout. The result is beautifully presented package that will make a great gift and grace any bookshelf. Golf is a mystery that sometimes pleases, sometimes frustrates, but always enthralls. Its nuances can take a lifetime to unravel, and The Story of Golf in 50 Holes is the perfect companion for that journey-by turns fun and wise, frivolous and fascinating. Not only does the book include anecdotes about the glorious game that will bring a knowing smile to any golfer's face, it also provides valuable drills, hints, and lessons that will to improve their game and reduce their handicap.