Greg Robinson had 18 hours to get to his wife and daughter before the strongest hurricane in recorded history tore their tranquil world apart. His four year old daughter, Abigail, had seen the monster storm coming - in her dreams, in her mind's eye, but Greg and Susan Robinson refused to believe their clairvoyant daughter's visions.

Now they believed; now they all believed. Hurricane Abigail would crash into Savannah as a category 5 storm and head stright for the Robinson's home in Atlanta. Greg was racing against time, a killer storm that bore his daughter's name, and a deranged meteorologist who would do anything to obtain little Abigail's prophetic power.

Abigail's Eye is a fast paced story about a little girl who tries to cope with a gift that she does not understand, a desperate father who fights against man and nature to save her life, and a catastrophic storm that is out to destroy all.