Seventy-Eight Erotica Books In One HUGE Bundle! Interracial, Wife Sharing, Cuckold, Cheating Wife And More!

There are far too many books in this easy to navigate box set to include a synopsis of each, but the titles are all listed below!
Some of these books have appeared in other bundles, but this is the biggest bundle of them all!
The titles in this bundle are as follows:

Training My Cuckold
My Husband’s Shame
I Spied On My Wife While She Cheated
Shared In The Club
Shared And Satisfied
Shared With My Husband’s Friend - By Fannie Rhydehard
Cheating On My Husband In The Changing Room
Dirty Little Secret - By Fannie Rhydehard
My Husband's Cuckolding Birthday
Watch Me Play
My Husband Shared Me With His Friends
Getting My Promotion
I’ll Do What I Want! - By Fannie Rhydehard
Sharing Is Caring
My Husband's Little Problem - By Fannie Rhydehard
Open House
I’m Not Plain! - By Fannie Rhydehard
Sarah's Game
I Watched My Wife Cheating On Me
My Husband's Cuckold Fantasy
Shared In The Billionaire's Club
I Need More! - By Fannie Rhydehard
Shared By My Husband
Cuckolded By The Club Bouncers
Cuckold In A Cage
A Surprise Wife Share
My Wife Cuckolded Me With Two Men
My Curious Husband
Cheating On Hubby With His Best Friend
Cheating On My Husband
Cuckold Fun
Cuckold Cheating Husband
Cuckold Surprise
Cuckold Husband
Cuckold Soldier
The Dogging Policewoman - By Fannie Rhydehard
The Secret Cuckold
Teasing The Men
Never Go Back
Taken By Two
She's gone wild
Dogging Delight
Four Is Company
Amelia's Big Boss
A Particularly Gooey Night
Car Park Fun
My First Big One
Our First Share
My Pathetic Husband
Taken While My Husband Watches
My Husband's Humiliation
Double Ebony
Stripper Night
Shared With A Stranger
A Night In The Brothel
The Three Soldiers
Wolf Bait
The Soldier In Room 8
Hotwife Sharing Fantasy - By Fannie Rhydehard
Santa’s Heavy Sack
Stacey's First Time Dogging
Rachel's Dogging Jogging
My Wife's Dogging Debut -By James Nardovino
My Wife Made Me Her Cuckold - By James Nardovino
Watching My Big Beautiful wife - By James Nardovino
Watching My Wife
The Camera Never Lies - By James Nardovino
Truth Or Dare - By Fannie Rhydehard
Temptation - By Fannie Rhydehard
My Turn! - By Fannie Rhydehard
I Caught My Wife Cheating
My Husband’s Inadequacy
Watching Kate With Another Man
Shared With My Husband's Boss - By Fannie Rhydehard
Shared With The Bull - Interracial Bestseller
Taken By The Bulls - Interracial Bestseller
Used By The Bull - Interracial Bestseller